Cholo’s cold response when asked by Germán Burgos

One of the questions that Diego Simeone He received in the extensive interview he has given to the Argentine newspaper The nation
It was about the moment of the South American coaches and the reluctance that there seems to be from the Old Continent when it comes to giving them a chance.

“One thing is the American tournaments and another is Europe. They are different. Anyway, it is a good question for the leaders, because I have no doubt that many of the Argentine coaches that I know, and they showed it Coudet, which changed his face and imposed another ambition on the Celtic, they can do it ”, summarized the Cholo.

And of course, the name of German Burgos, his assistant in the Atlético de Madrid until last year and that a few months ago he took the opposite path, that of leaving Europe for Argentina, to lead Newell’s. And although it’s only been two and a half months old, things are not going well for the Monkey. In fact, two weeks ago his dismissal was taken for granted.

Asked about it, Simeone was cold, distant. “No, the truth is that I did not see anything, with the time change I did not see anything, nor was I following absolutely anything,” the mattress coach limited himself to answering.