Chip market: José Sá takes over from Rui Patrício at the Wolves

With the signing of Joseph
Sat (28 years) by the Wolverhampton English, a team with which the Portuguese goalkeeper has signed this Thursday afternoon for the next five seasons, has ended a domino effect that began Joseph
Mourinho when claiming Rui
Patrick (33 years old), former goalkeeper of the Wolves, for your’ Rome.

Rui Patrício by Pau

The starting goal of the Portuguese team occupied the gap left by the ‘giallorossi’ team. Pau
Lopez (26 years old), to whom Mou He did not want to and that he left on loan to Olympique

Vaclik by José Sá

Czech Tomas
Vaclik (32 years), free after ending his contract with him Seville on June 30, he will be the one who relieves in the goal of Olympiacos greek to Joseph
Sat, who will be the ninth Portuguese footballer of the team directed this course by Bruno
The letter G, also Portuguese.