Chinese virologist who defected insists on covid: ‘It was created in a laboratory’

It is one of the most controversial theories that have come to light during the pandemic and now it is current again. The Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan, who fled to the United States in April, reaffirmed his complaints against the Chinese regime and the origin of the new coronavirus, insisting that it was created in the laboratory of Wuhan, city where the first covid-19 outbreak was reported.

The virologist, who worked at the Hong Kong University of Public Health, has assured in the chain Fox News that “the virus came from a laboratory in Wuhan, and was made by the military based on modified bat viruses, and then spread after being modified,” he said.

As she recounted, she began studying the virus in December from Hong Kong and was in contact with other virologists: “In December 2019 I was secretly recruited by my supervisor, the virologist Leo Poon who works with the WHO for this secret research on the pneumonia Wuhan. Soon, my work involved Chinese doctors, researchers and even CDC, also civilians gathering information, combined with my knowledge. I finally discovered that this virus is from a laboratory, ”he summarized.

The accusations of Li-Meng Yan They have caused the University of Hong Kong, where he worked, to have removed his website and published a statement in which he reported that he is no longer a member of the team.