Chicharito, the great Mexican impact in MLS

Five goals in two games. Word of Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez. It is the great attraction of Los Angeles Galaxy for the ten million Mexicans who live in California. The MLS foresees a great impact from the former player of the Manchester Utd and from Real Madrid in tournament marketing in 2021.

Last year, the portentous scorer made noise when he signed with the Los Angeles team. He was announced as a franchise player, the one chosen to make forget the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who got tired of winning millions and scoring goals with the team and then emigrated to Milan from the Italian Series.

“They wanted Zlatan, I gave them Zlatan; now come back to watch baseball,” said the prodigious forward mockingly, with an almost artistic talent for scoring goals and promoting himself.

The leaders of the Galaxy spent 9.4 million euros to sign the Mexican and sat down to wait for the investment to pay off in the short term. Nothing more delusional; Due to the restrictions due to COVID-19 that caused a decrease in the purchase of shirts and prevented attendance at the stadium, the newcomer suffered an injury, had a personal crisis and scored just a couple of goals in 12 games.

“It is finished, it is a trunk,” said some media in Mexico and the United States, insistent on criticizing the footballer, as a way of charging him a bill for his mishandling of the press when he was at the highest point of his career.

On the first day of this MLS season, Javier stepped onto the pitch in his Adidas boots and in the second hour of play he scored a pair of goals 11 minutes apart to guide his team to a 2-3 home win. from Inter Miami.

A week later he outdid himself. With a hat trick, he led the Galaxy to a 3-2 victory over New York. In addition to confirming the good start of his team in the Western Conference, he was in the lead of the scorers with five goals.

“I am living a dream,” acknowledged the forward.

In his first two games, “Chicharito” has run as a child, has looked happy and has shown the predatory instinct of the area of ​​his time at Manchester United, a club with which he made 59 of his 215 professional touchdowns.

It is early to predict the future, but if the attacker maintains the goal scorer and confirms his excellent moment, his commercial brand will take a leap, although that will not be immediately, according to the opinion of scholars of the sports industry.

“The phoenix woke up. They hired him for being a player and for what he means in the market. You have to give him more time, but if he continues as a protagonist and they call him to the Mexican team, he will give reasons for people to be proud of him and that will provoke the sale of more items of your brand, “academic Ramón Carazo, an expert in sports business, told Efe.

According to Carazo, the Guadalajara-born forward, with good management of social networks, has everything to become an idol and increase the number of shirts sold and sponsorships.

“It is just beginning. He has to maintain his performance and return to the national team, we are facing a player who on the one hand has an economic value and on the other is an icon of Mexican football,” said the specialist, who places the Chicharito brand among those of more vitality in Mexican sports, behind that of boxer Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, the best fighter without a weight limit, in a list in which the car driver Checo Pérez is well positioned.

In addition to playing with Adidas, Javier Hernández is a commercial ally of Herbalife Nutrition and promotes the Bud Light drink, but if he keeps up, a large part of his economic explosion will come from the t-shirt business, which although it was depressed by the pandemic, it’s going to grow now that people start returning to the stadiums.

A team based in California, a state with more than 10 million Mexicans and great purchasing power of Latinos, the Galaxy is clear that if Javier keeps pace, he will generate lots of greenbacks, especially if the top scorer of the Mexican team returns to be considered by coach Gerardo Martino, who has not called him to the tri since September 2019.

“If Martino starts calling him, the brand will be strengthened. Why not see him at the Olympic Games with Mexico?” Asks Carazo, who believes that Hernández would contribute a lot like nine next summer in Tokyo 2020.

Unlike in Mexico, where the tendency of fans is to buy their team jerseys, in the United States there is a tradition for fans to buy the clothes of their favorite players. In the case of Mexicans, being so many they are a safe market.

“Let us remember that Cuauhtémoc Blanco sold more than David Beckham when they met in the United States,” recalls Professor Carazo.


Another scholar of the sports industry, Javier Salinas, believes that having emigrated to MLS was Hernández’s mistake because he had gas left to play in Europe.

However, he considers that in soccer in the United States, Chicharito is above the level and about to turn 33 years old, he preserves the quality to help the Galaxy to return to prominence in the league, which he won three times in four years, 2011, 2012 and 2014, which was confirmed as the box with the most titles, five.

“They gave him the captaincy of the Galaxy, he has once again accommodated his context. His brand is still current for the Mexicans who follow the Galaxy, who are quite a lot; he is a benchmark in Mexican football in recent years and maintains the ability to play in Qatar his last World Cup.

With the trade acquired in several of the best teams in the world such as Real Madrid of Spain and Manchester United of the Premier of England, Javier Hernández intends to score a goal in Qatar for the fourth consecutive World Cup, but it is a medium-term goal.

At the moment the forward is taking steps and today is to make him forget the dry season that tarnished his career and begins to be part of the past with goals appreciated in the Galaxy such as rain in a desert area.