Chenoa’s dance wearing a great guy who triumphs in the networks for his energy

Chenoa He has us used to upload a video to his Instagram account on Mondays to motivate all his followers to start the week. And so he has done it again with a video full of energy to face the last Monday of April.

He accompanied the energetic dance with a text that is a declaration of intent: “Well, it’s the BEGINNING of the week, so let’s dance in the rain, storms and whatever comes! (Yes, I came up again, yes, I like to dance, yes, it doesn’t matter how, just dance) ”.

Chenoa appears dressed in black and radiating energy and rhythm in abundance, provoking the response of her followers, who have given her compliments (chick!), Highlighting her tremendous energy (“Tell me you have breakfast, for God’s sake !!!”) and good physical tone.

And the singer is living one of the happiest moments of her life, in part because of the great relationship she seems to be living with her current partner, Miguel Sánchez Encinas.