Chelsea show Atlético their reality

The Atlético de Madrid fell before him Chelsea, just winner, in the knockout stages of the Champions League. 2-0 for the English in the second leg (3-0 on aggregate) with goals from Ziyech Y Emerson, this in the discount, in two cons in which the physical superiority and the rhythm of the English with respect to the Spanish were reflected. A penalty to Carrasco with 0-0 he was able to change the script, but not even the mattress can hold on to that given the inferiority shown. Simeone He tried everything. He even removed Suarez in the 60 ‘. But reality is what it is.

The rojiblanco team came out as expected. To for the party, to press up to the Chelsea, I will not let breathe. The first few minutes invited optimism, with a soft shot of I gave it after combining with Carrasco. But there Chelsea grew up, which equaled the mattresses in pressure and intensity. And there he imposed his best and greatest physique to subdue the Athletic, unable to hold the ball for five seconds in a row. Joao it was the only one, with its conduits, that gave visitors a sense of danger.

The English commanded, but they did not make suffer Oblak. The sensations, yes, were tinged with ‘blue’. They easily won the center of the field Kanté Y Kovacic. But Atlético tried to keep pressing high. In one of those, Azpilicueta missed a control and left the ball for Carrasco, which was seized by the Navarrese. The Italian Orsato did not see it for so long. The VAR either. Before, Suarez had also claimed a push from Rudiger In the area.

The rojiblancos were looking for him. So much so that in a foul in favor it was 1-0. No danger was created in the service, the ball went to Havertz, which connected with Werner, already in airplane mode. Trippier he could have missed it, but he didn’t want to. The German advanced, before whom he was only Savic, who doubted whether to go for it or wait for the pass to Ziyech. That’s what the German chose, so that the former Ajax, brand-free, could score against Oblak, who got to touch the ball. A foul in favor (away and centered, yes) turned into a lethal counter by the British. Tuchel left on the bench Giroud and left Werner in point to run. It came out perfectly.

From there to rest, Joao
Felix Y Kovacic they tried it from outside the area for their respective teams. Mendy he stopped the first pitch and the second, narrowly missed. There was no time for more in that first act, in which Atlético started well, and then went through a bump that ended up coming out … but with 1-0 on the scoreboard. Actually, the script didn’t change much either. You had to score two goals to pass. But without holding the center of the field, and the English better physically, the company seemed very complicated. They played at a different pace and Atlético was not fast in circulation or precise. So, very difficult.

Simeone withdrew I gave it, with yellow and misguided, to put Handsome and play with three centrals and two lanes. Werner was on the verge of sentencing in one against, but it appeared OblakThe dominance continued to be Chelsea, whose players almost always arrived before the rojiblancos to the balls. Carrasco, tired, left his place to Dembélé with more than half an hour ahead. Ziyech tried again Oblak, who replied again. Y Simeone made another change. strap for Luis
Suarez, who was not very happy, but had not smelled it. The minutes passed. Nothing happened near the English area. Another substitution. Lemar for Trippier Y Llorente on the right. Changes of tiles, and schemes, in search of the impossible. Simeone he yelled at his men. That he was not lost, that they continue in the game, that now was the moment … Tuchel he had made no variations. Significant.

Joao tried again, but refused Mendy. And then Tuchel moved the bench. Pulisic for Ziyech. And for his was the slightest hope, Orsato expelled Savic for an elbow to Rudiger in a corner. The German exaggerated. And the Italian stung. Yellow was enough. The Montenegrin had never been seen like this, indignant and beside himself, leaving the field. Joao He tried his luck again, already in the discount, but Mendy answered. Emerson marked the second later. In another against. This time after a throw-in.

Chelsea were better in the tie. A lot of. He undressed the deficiencies of Atlético, with a good attitude, but that hardly created danger in 180 minutes. It’s time to focus on LaLiga. There, the mattresses do have more options.

Mendy, Azpilicueta, Zouma, Rudiger; James, Kante, Kovacic, Alonso (Chilwell 94 ‘); Havertz (Emerson 94 ‘), Ziyech (Pulisic 77’); and Werner.

Oblak; Trippier (Lemar 69 ‘), Savic, Giménez, Lodi (Hermoso 46’); Llorente, Koke, Saúl, Carrasco (Dembélé 53 ‘); Joao Félix and Luis Suárez (Correa 59 ‘).

Goals: 1-0, min. 34, Ziyech.

2-0, min. 94, Emerson.

Referee: Daniel Orsato (Italy). He admonished Havertz; Lodi, Saúl, Giménez, Koke. He expelled Savic.

Field: Stamford Bridge. No audience.