Chelsea make Liverpool’s wound bigger

2021 is still a nightmare year for him Liverpool. The victory of against Sheffield to break his bad streak in the Premier League was nothing after falling to him Chelsea in a vitally important duel to get hooked again to the fight for Europe. Now, they are the ‘blues’, who played an exemplary game in defense, those who are in the Champions League zone.

The hand of Thomas tuchel at Chelsea it’s undeniable. The team creates better, arrives better and, above all, defends better. Better. And that was what made the difference. Werner’s bad scoring streak did not end but nothing happens, there he was Mason Mount, who despite being Lampard’s protégé even shines more with the German coach.

The difference of Liverpool of last season and this is largely due to the ineffectiveness of the pressure after loss, and that was his condemnation again. The Chelsea He knew it and in each ball he stole he attacked the backs “net”, which thanks to a spectacular Fabinho in the placement they did not suffer more. And Werner did not score, but he well deserved it. His unchecks were poisoned and he lacked luck and had left over the VAR, which stole a goal from offside.

There was no news of Liverpool’s attack in the first half. Inoperative in the last meters and without options thanks to the great game they played Azpilicueta, Christensen and, especially, Rüdiger, which became more established. And despite the fact that the domain of possession was falling for those of Klopp, in the umpteenth pass to Alexander-Arnold’s back, Mount he cut Fabinho and nailed a shot down the side of the net from the long post (42 ‘).

Things could even get worse for Liverpool just by going through the changing rooms. Luckily for Alisson, Robertson was on the line to avoid the second, which would have been signed by Ziyech. In contrast, Liverpool had no other option to draw than in a penalty claimed by the team, and especially Klopp, but neither the referee nor the VAR saw. And it may be that there was, because the ball touched on Kanté’s hand in a not natural position, although with very little distance to avoid it. The game went on and Liverpool drowned in the fabric of the Chelsea, letting the three points slip away at Anfield again.