Chelsea fans, on the warpath against the Super League

Reactions against the creation of the European Super League driven by 12 clubs Spain, England and Italy continue to happen more and more vehemently, especially in the Premier League. About a thousand fans of the Chelsea, one of the 12 founders, have demonstrated at the gates of Stamford Bridge in the preview of the game against Brighton to protest against his club’s participation in the Super League.

The furious response from blues fans would have caused the Chelsea has reversed its plans to integrate the Super League and according to several British media, the London club would already be preparing the necessary documentation to exit the project.

The demonstration of the fans at the gates of Stamford Bridge at the arrival of the bus from Chelsea has forced Petr Cech, former goalkeeper and current adviser to the board, to give explanations, ask the protesters to calm down and request that they let the expedition of the team of Thomas tuchel to the stadium. “Easy, please, easy, let the bus go in. I understand it, I understand it ”, said the former goalkeeper to the fans gathered in the outskirts of Stamford Bridge.