Chelsea-Atlético: The bets are tinted blue, but …

Atlético de Madrid Y Chelsea

They look for this Wednesday in London the pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. And the bets are with the English team, which arrives at the appointment with an advantage after the 0-1 achieved in the first leg in Bucharest, the scene of the meeting due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic that prevented those from Tuchel could enter Spain to play the game.

This “blue” favoritism is verified when it comes to seeing the bet on the team that will go to the round. At 1.25 euros it is paid for the Chelsea and at 3.75 that the Atlético de Madrid. Of course, everything is more even with respect to the winner of the Stamford Bridge match (2.30 euros for the British for 3.40 for the Spanish and 3.10 for the tie).

That the tie is decided in extra time has a fee of 15 euros to 1 (17 in the case of penalties), and that it is Atlético that achieves the classification in overtime is paid at 23 euros for each bet. The 1-3 with which the 2014 clash ended, in which the rojiblancos went to the final, is paid at 29 euros.

As for the scorers, Luis Suarez Y Olivier Giroud, that he already scored in the first leg, share the favoritism to see door. That the Uruguayan score, who has not done it at home in the Champions League since 2015, or the French, is paid at 2.62 euros (5.50 if they are the first scorer of the night), followed by Timo Werner, Joao Félix, Pulisic and Dembélé. What Stefan savic write down at any time is paid at 23 euros for each bet.