Chelsea: ‘100% done and signed’: Kepa’s replacement arrives this week

Arrizabalaga is back in the trigger. The Basque goalkeeper again made a glaring mistake this Sunday, which ended the defeat of the Chelsea before him Liverpool (0-2) in Stamford
Bridge and your situation in London it has become unsustainable.

Last season Frank
Lampard has already sat the most expensive goalkeeper in football history on more than one occasion, giving him the alternative to the very veteran Willy
gentleman, 38 years old.

But neither of them seems to have the confidence of the English coach right now to defend the goal of a Chelsea who wants to go back to aspiring to everything after his multi-million dollar investment this summer.

That is why, as has been rumored for weeks, the ‘blues’ have set their sights on Edouard
Mendy, goalkeeper of the Stade
Rennais French, to finally put an end to his problem in goal.

To the point that, according to the journalist from ‘Sky
Sports‘, Fabrizio
Roman, the signing of “Edouard Mendy to Chelsea is 100% done and signed” and will be announced this week.

Mendy (28 years old) is a 1.97m goalkeeper, capped seven times by Senegal, which stood out last season in the ranks of Rennes, with which he played a total of 34 games in all competitions, Europe
League included, in which he only received 32 goals and managed to keep his clean sheet up to 13 times.

This is how Edouard Mendy, Rennes goalkeeper plays