Charlize Theron ‘sweeps’ with a video in which she shaves her head

The movie, Max Mad Max: Fury on the road’, Which hit theaters in 2015, has been re-released in some drive-ins in the United States. That is why its protagonist, Charlize Theron, he wanted to remember the moment when he completely shaved his head to play his character.

“In honor of Mad Max’s screening at Mad’s drive-in @ctaop, I return to the point of no return with the creation of Furiosa. Thank you so much to @thegrovela and @ CHCre8tive for making this night happen! I am so excited to see this movie on the big screen again, ”he wrote alongside the snapshots, that it didn’t take long for them to go viral.

Despite the great work of Theron in the movie of George Miller, he did not want me to play “Furiosa” again. At the time, the actress stated that “I fully respect George, even more so after the aftermath of making this movie with him. He is a teacher, and I wish him nothing but the best. ”