Channels: ‘The end of the League is going to be a marvel’

Channels, international midfielder of Real
Betis, assures that the end of the League “is going to be a marvel” due to the tremendous equality that exists, both in the fight for the title and for the European places and permanence. The Cantabrian trusts that the Verdiblanco team will maintain the extraordinary regularity that it has been showing since the start of 2021 – eleven victories, five draws and only two defeats in eighteen games – and considers that the first derby of the year, which the Verdiblancos faced with nine casualties and They were very close to winning – Bono stopped a penalty to Fekir with 1-1 – despite starting losing, it was the turning point that started the team’s sensational comeback. “The first derby of the season is the game that changes our chip because that is when we realize the capacity we have to compete against the teams that are at the top. At that time, Sevilla FC was second or third in the league, they were playing very well and in that match we managed to be superior ”, explains the Cantabrian, during an interview in LaLiga World.

“We had a very good first stage of 2021 and that has made it possible for Betis to get into the fight for fifth, sixth and seventh places. We are very excited. It was the goal, “says Canales, who predicts a lot of emotion in these last eight days of the Championship:” Right now LaLiga is very beautiful, this end of the season is going to be wonderful. We have the best league and it is something that is shown year after year ”.

Just think about staying at Betis

The objective of Real Betis is to qualify again for European competitions, which Canales already played with the Verdiblancos in his first season, in which there was a crush that still lasts today, because the Cantabrian does not think about anything other than to continue growing and doing grow to his current team: “I am very happy at Betis, I am in a club that has made me enjoy the world of football again and right now I can not think of anything other than Betis,” said the Santander.

Canales’s career has been plagued with adversity, as he has had to overcome up to three ligament tears in his knee, which makes him an example for many athletes, something from which he humbly flees: “I don’t feel like an example of nothing, I’ve always done what I thought I had to do, which was to keep fighting, keep fighting and not give up. In the end, even though they have been difficult moments, you look back and say ‘I am the player that I have worked to be’. I will be better or worse, I will like me more or less, but I have worked hard to be physically well and be able to enjoy the field, ”explained Canales.