Channels: ‘Soccer is present; what you did three months ago is useless’

The Selection come back this wednesday to The Cartuja, stadium in which it was exhibited against Germany last November with an incontestable 6-0. This time the rival is Kosovo, in the third match of the qualifying round for the Qatar World Cup 2022, and Sergio Canales, who appeared before the press in the previous one, valued the difference between the results obtained against Greece (1-1) and Georgia (1-2) and the aforementioned 6-0. “Football is present and what you did three months ago is practically useless. I see the group with the same enthusiasm and the desire to do well as before Germany“Said the midfielder of the Betis.

In this international break it is becoming clear that any rival can complicate your life, and Channels I consider that Kosovo will not be an exception. “Today it is very difficult to beat any rival and you have to have respect for anyone. You have to be prepared for any situation. The important thing is that the team has things very clear and we are growing and prepared for the next one. Soccer in general is very even. There is a lot of information about the opponent and that also makes everything more complicated. The feeling I have when I see the group is one of tranquility ”, he analyzed.

Heading into the Eurocup, there are many powerful teams and Spain is among them

Asked about the possibilities of Spain on the Eurocup next summer, Channels he was optimistic. “There are many very powerful teams and Spain is among them. Soccer right now is in the details and we are working on that. We have to keep growing but I think we are on the right path ”, he said.

By last, Channels talked about the possibility of being on the definitive list for the Eurocup and your current fitness. “I always try to do my best and do everything that depends on me. In the end that is the most important thing. With what it took me to get there, I only focus on enjoying the day to day and giving 100% for this shirt. I do not know if it is my best moment, but I feel very confident and the most important thing is that when the season is over I have the feeling that you have not left anything behind ”, he concluded.