Cesc Fàbregas and Daniella Semaan expand the family

Football player Cesc Fabregas And his wife Daniella semaan They are parents of a large family. They both have three children in common, Lia, Capri and Leonardo, and the model has two others, Mary and Joseph, belonging to your past relationship with the employer Elie taktouk and that the Catalan considers his as well.

Now, the marriage, who lives in Monaco For a few years now, he has chosen to enlarge the family by adopting two cats. This was revealed by the Lebanese model by sharing several snapshots of her new pets through social networks.

Just a few hours ago, Daniella published a funny video on ‘Instagram Stories’ in which one of them appears trying to climb the back of Fabregas without much success.

On the other hand, the midfielder’s wife also shared a capture in which both cats appear in a curious position. “Titanic,” he noted Daniella.

Recently, the family Fabregas celebrated the 8th birthday of the footballer’s firstborn, Lia. “All your dreams come true. I wish you a life full of happiness and health ”, were the loving words that Cesc he dedicated to his little girl.

“What did I do to deserve you… Happy birthday to my heart. The love I feel for you is inexplicable, “he added. Daniella.