César Carballo’s serious warning about what could happen in Madrid

Dr. César Carballo, a regular collaborator of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, has issued a serious warning during the program ‘LaSexta Noche’, presented by Iñaki López. The expert believes that the Community should maintain a perimeter closure at Easter “for the good of Spain.”

“Madrid has to prepare for the coup, the coup is going to come to Madrid and it has to stop it for the good of Spain ”, Carballo began.

The host of the program, Iñaki López, asked him if Madrid should increase restrictions such as the municipal closure. In this case, César Carballo was clear and concise. “Madrid has a very large handicap which is its population density. The worst accumulated incidence in Spain is Melilla, then Madrid and the following Basque Country ”, indicated the expert.

César Carballo in ‘LaSexta Noche’.

In addition, Carballo commented that at Easter more than 300,000 people will enter to the Community of Madrid, which may lead to a significant increase in infections, which is why it proposes a possible “consideration”.

“Maybe they decide to hold out, but maybe it is necessary to adjust vaccines, for example, the autonomous communities with the highest population density,” concluded the doctor.