César Carballo alerts about the new profile of those infected with coronavirus

The doctor Cesar Carballo, a regular contributor to ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ or ‘LaSexta Noche’, has released a warning message, because now the profile of those infected in hospitals has changed. In this sense, the emergency doctor at Ramón y Cajal de Madrid has confirmed that the hospitalized are every time more Youngers.

“Yesterday I was working at the hospital until 10:00 pm and we didn’t like what we saw at all,” César Carballo began by explaining on the set of “LaSexta Noche”, which Iñaki López conducts.

“We saw a very bad afternoon with sick people and also sick young people and ill, with bilateral pneumonia ”, added the expert.

Dr. Cesar Carballo

In addition, the doctor continued with this statement by relying on the case of a young girl whom he had recently treated. “It is the profile we are seeing: young people who arrive with very bad license plates, like the ones we saw with bilateral pneumonia ”, he pointed out in his speech.

“The very old people who used to hospitalize a lot are not coming, there are no nursing home patients, the very old are already starting to vaccinate them and it shows,” he continued. “We are seeing it below” that age, Carballo has warned. “People of 40, 50, 60 years who are ill and have to be put in the ICU,” Carballo has sentenced.