Cervera: ‘We have a big problem with the ball’

Cádiz coach Álvaro Cervera said after his team’s 0-1 defeat against Betis, at the Ramón de Carranza stadium, they have a “big problem with the ball.”

The Cádiz coach said at a press conference that “there is a deficit” when his team has the ball at their feet and regretted that they are not able to “create too much danger” and that when they achieve “some advantage”, it does not “come out” to serve. something positive in attack.

Cervera admitted that against Betis they had “planned to play like this to win” and added that they wanted to prevent the team led by Chilean Manuel Pellegrini from being “dangerous” and not generating “chances.”

“The game we thought came out, but they scored us at the end. If we want to continue in the First Division next year, they can’t score that goal. We have to score fifteen points to save ourselves,” stressed the coach of the yellow box.