Cervera: ‘My game is boring, but it’s the way to stay in First Division’

The coach of Cádiz, Álvaro Cervera, declared after the zero draw of his team against the Celtic, in Ramón de Carranza, that their game system is “boring, but it is the” way “to be able to continue in First division.

The coach of the Cadiz team asked at a press conference that “no one thinks” that he “likes to play like this”, but insisted that his mission is for Cádiz to “score points and stay in the First Division”.

“Maybe I would like to play in a different way, but that’s how we are getting points. Is it boring?” He wondered. Yes, but if we want to be in First, we have to do it the way we get it, “he said.

Cervera indicated that the point achieved is “important” and that it brings them a “little bit closer” to salvation, and considered that his team played a “very defensive game, close” to “their own area”, and that he would have liked to “do it later”.

The cadista coach also recalled that his team have had three occasions “quite clear”, Among which the one of Rubén Sobrino stood out before the Celtic goalkeeper Ivan Villar in the first half and the ball hit the post from Serbian winger Filip Malbasic.