Cerezo’s ‘skid’ after the derby that has gone viral

Enrique Cerezo, president of the
Atlético de Madrid
, starred in one of the anecdotes of the derby that his team played against the Real Madrid and that ended up tying.

The top mattress president attended the Movistar + microphones once the clash was over and had a couple of comments that have gone viral.

To begin with, the saint went to heaven and was wrong when asked about Karim Benzema, forward of Real Madrid and he thought they were asking him about Courtois, goalkeeper and former goalkeeper of his own Athletic.

“I am not from VAR from TV or from VAR of drink ”, indicated the rojiblanco president. To later get into the matter of Benzema. “Benzema He is the best goalkeeper in the world of football. Then there are great goalkeepers, but he was already the best goalkeeper when he was with us. What else do you want me to tell you about goalkeepers? ”He pointed out to the astonishment of the journalist.

But the matter did not end there because the president of Atlético, who is also a film entrepreneur, ended up offering him job. “I have a job for you. Yes, yes, as we talk about leftovers, if you have leftovers here in Canal Plus, I contract you. And also in very good condition, “said the president, between the laughter of the journalist Isabel forner.


“I am not from VAR, nor the VAR from the TV or from the drink. I like him VAR when it is fair, equitable and healthy, in this case it is neither fair nor equitable, and not because of this action that seems silly to me, those who handle the VAR know what they have to do and they will do it, but I am against it. VAR always, “said Cerezo in statements to ‘Movistar +’ after the match.

Real Madrid claimed a penalty for a ball that hit Felipe’s hand, which was detached from his body as he jumped to the header. Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez, after being alerted by the VAR, went to see the play on the monitor and decided not to whistle a penalty.

Regarding the tie, Cherry said the title of League is “more within reach” of Athletic with the tie. “It was a beautiful, entertaining game, we had many chances to score, the Madrid he has come twice and scored a goal, we have scored a goal, so the draw is normal ”, he said.

The league Right now it is hard, strong, we are one of the indisputable candidates because we are still the first, we have one less game and if on Wednesday we are lucky to win at Bilbao things will be seen differently, “he said. “The league the best win it, Athletic number one is going and he is the best ”, he added.