Cerci’s last: rescinded contract with Arezzo in Serie C

Alessio Cerci arrived in 2014 as one of the great signings of the Atlético de Madrid. The Italian winger came from Torino in which he had scored 13 goals and had distributed 11 assists. The mattresses pay 14 million euros for their services. But it did not convince Simeone, he only played nine games (150 minutes).

After leaving the Atlético de Madrid he never managed to regain the level that made him an Italian international. He left on loan to Milan in an exchange for Fernando Torres. Then he was in the Genoa, before returning to Atlético where he played a game in the 2016-17 season. Once he left the mattress club, he went to Hellas verona where he was a season, as in the Ankaragücü from Turkey. After the Turkish adventure, he tried his luck in La Salernitana in Serie B with which he did not renew last November.

After that he stepped back again to play in the Arezzo of the Serie C. Club that six months later has announced its departure.

Something that was seen coming after last March 25 the Arezzo communicated that Cerci he was cut off from the team. One of the possible reasons according to Italian media was that he starred in a fight with a partner. Since then he has not even been summoned again. And that the team is penultimate in relegation places to Serie D.