Central problem at Real Madrid

While everyone talks about Mbappé and Haaland As the great goals of Real Madrid for the immediate future, the white club has a real problem in the center of defense. Today, Sergio Ramos He has still not decided if he is going to renew with Real Madrid or if he leaves in June. To that must be added thate Varane, who ends his contract in 2022, he is seriously considering leaving this summer. Militao, For his part, he arrived as the most expensive defender in the history of Real Madrid, but he has not lived up to expectations and rumors about his departure increase every day. Or what is the same, of the four centrals that Real Madrid has, only Nacho It seems that it will continue. Although it is not so clear why the squad, with a contract until 2022, has been about to leave, like last summer.

A situation that can completely change the transfer map of Real Madrid for the coming season. Hence, in the case of Sergio Ramos, the white club urges the player to decide once and for all what he is going to do. Today, the Real Madrid captain speaks doubly and his intention is to respond to everything, including his future. A future that can be resolved before Easter. According to the newspaper ‘ABC’, Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez They plan to meet to try to clarify the player’s situation. The club offers him two years with a reduction of 10% of his salary, although with the possibility of taking it off in the second year, depending on how the economy evolves. Ramos, for his part, accepts the two years, but wants to collect the same, 12 million euros. Madrid does not accept it and the positions are very far away.

Varane thinks about leaving Real

Not only Bouquets meditates on his future at Real Madrid, he does too Varane. The French center-back is seriously thinking about leaving the white club this summer. Contract ends in 2022 and Real Madrid is clear that they do not want another soap opera with the Frenchman like the one they now have with Sergio Ramos. The white club will offer him the renewal, but if Varane is reluctant, Real Madrid will put him on the market knowing that the center-back does not dislike that option. The merengue entity is aware that it can get a good amount of millions per Varane, about 75 ‘kilos’, and that is another factor that Madrid takes into account.

Militao, For his part, he does not count for Zidane and he has not become the center-back that the white club expected when they paid 50 million to Porto in 2019. Militao became the most expensive defender in the history of Real Madrid, but he has never reached be a relief of guarantees of Sergio Ramos and Varane. He has a contract until 2025 and this past winter it was rumored that he could be assigned, something that will happen again this summer.