Celta looking for a suit tailored to Òscar

Garcíascar García your project will start from scratch in the Celtic this next season. After arriving as a ‘fire extinguisher’ mediated the previous one and saving ‘in extremis’ the team from relegation, now it is their turn to set up a squad according to their soccer style with the aim of making the celestial fans enjoy again, which has been with the heart for several years in a fist. However, a summer transfer market ‘dotted’ by the coronavirus pandemic will not play in its favor.

Still, the idea of Oscar and of its technical body is that the club undertakes a deep remodeling as far as possible. Up to ten footballers have the ‘transferable’ sign, while another four (Murillo, Rafinha, Bradaric and Smolov) have packed their bags at the end of their loan. The first two, however, could continue, or at least that is what will be attempted. For the defense, the Celtic It has a purchase option of 15 million euros that it is trying to lower with the Sampdoria, while negotiations with the Barca for the midfielder to follow they also seem complicated.

What is clear is that in order to successfully complete both operations, the Celtic you need to deposit money and that’s where the names of Araujo, Okay, Emre Mor and Pione Sisto. The sale of some of them, especially that of the Turkish extreme (they are moving it for Turkey) and the Danish winger (he could return to his old team, the Midtjylland), would entail an economic injection to tie Murillo and Rafinha, reinforcements that would join the already officials of the Chilean midfielder Renato Tapia (Feyenoord) and from the end Álvaro Vadillo (Granada), incorporations at zero cost.

Emergencies span more positions. There shouldn’t be any in goal, but injuries from Sergio Alvarez and Ruben Blanco have left Ivan Villar as the only goal, so a transfer is not ruled out. Nor in defense. The intention is to sign a left-handed center back who can also play as a left back, since David
Juncà could come out. At least, Lucas Olaza will continue loaned by Boca Juniors. On the axis of the rear, David Costas will not return if the Almeria, where it is loaned, it amounts, since the Andalusian club would have to make a compulsory purchase clause effective.

In the core, no longer Bradaric neither Pape Cheikh, back to Cagliar
i and Lyonrespectively does not count either Jozabed after its transfer in the Girona, so this line should be supported (Rafinha is the intended). The bands seem better covered, though Juan
Hernandez point to Lugo and the cited Emre Mor to any destination less Vigo. After the arrival of Nolith and Vadillo, Oscar wants another end. Your request is Take Kubobut the Japanese of the Real Madrid It is the object of desire of half First Division.

And already at the tip of the attack, they are looking for at least one companion to Iago Aspas and Santi Mina after goodbye on loan Smolov (Lokomotiv) -the purchase option by the Russian was not executed- and that the Paraguayan ‘Toro’ Fernandez do not count and look for accommodation in another LaLiga team.