Celta and Valladolid draw in a match without football

A goal from Jeison murillo When the added time of four minutes was coming to an end, he equaled a match that Valladolid had won thanks to the solitary goal of both Orellana at 70 minutes.

It is the logical outcome of a game that had everything except football. The Celtic failed to overcome the defensive framework of a Valladolid that prevailed to close the access roads to his goal, which was almost enough to win the game thanks to one of his very few shots on goal. Just a splendid header from Murillo a foul thrown by Iago Aspas in 94 prevented it.

Stuck start

He started the game with a blocked game, without excessive ideas on the part of either team. Celta was looking for Aaron to force the right wing of the Valladolid defense, which was waiting, trying to press the departure of the local ball at the start of the play.

Aware Sergio, as he confessed the day before, that Iago makes Celta ‘great’, the Pucelano coach wanted to reduce spaces to Moaña’s with an advanced defense. And he got it right from the start, although at the stroke of a quarter of an hour the locals took the I send of operations.

However, the first warning was given Weismann 15 minutes after a loss by Tapia under the pressure of Guardiola that Rubén Blanco diverted. At 20 it was Ruben
Alcaraz who tried, without luck, after a few minutes of pucelano control, and at 23 gave him a reply Santi
Mine, both with the same result: balloon to the clouds.

At 27, first appearance of Iago
Blades, whose center Raseado crossed the entire visitor goal without finding a finisher. The weight of the match was carried by Celta, although without finding that depth that would open the door to Roberto, except in a shot of Hugo
Mallo at 39, first, he left high. He did not give more than a first half more than disappointing.

No script change

No change of screenplay after the break, both teams seemed more concerned with destroying than proposing. Until Iago Aspas appeared, who crashed masterfully into the spider a direct free in 60. At 65 it was Óscar Plano, who finished off without the referee noticing that it was a corner kick. Two flashes in a football desert.

And in these, a counter visitor culminated it Weismann with a shot from the front that Ruben
White He could only reject and leave the ball for him Orellana will finish the 0-1 at will. Coudet moved the bench to enhance the Galician attack and Sergio replied by strengthening his defense.

Without ideas, with their most creative players tied very short, Celta could not find the way to Roberto. Until the minute 94 arrived, the umpteenth foul in the wide area of ​​the game, the measured launch of Iago Aspas and the saving header of Jeison
Murillo. Goals tie in a game with practically no football.

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13 Ruben 13 Robert
two Hugo Mallo 18 S. Janko 79 ‘
4 N. Araujo 67 ‘ (two L. Pérez)
(18 J. Aidoo) 6 Bruno
24 J. Murillo 24 Joaquin
19 Aaron 76 ‘ 25 L. Olaza
(12 F. Ferreyra) 10 Oscar Plano
6 D. Suarez 57 ‘ 17 Roque Mesa
(27 M. Baeza) 14 Ruben Alcaraz 86 ‘
2. 3 Brais mendez (22 Nacho)
14 R. Tapia 12 F. Orellana 86 ‘
twenty-one A. Solari 57 ‘ (twenty F. San Emeterio)
(39 J. Holsgrove) 9 S. Weissman 79 ‘
10 Iago Aspas (fifteen J. El Yamiq)
22 Santi Mina 7 Sergi Guardiola 82 ‘
(3 K. Kodro)

Goals:(0-1) F. Orellana (70 ‘), (1-1) J. Murillo (94’)

Cards:L S. Weissman (4 ‘), R. Tapia (34’), Sergi Guardiola (40 ‘), L. Olaza (58’), Joaquín (90 ‘), J. El Yamiq (91’), J. Aidoo ( 93 ‘), F. Ferreyra (95’)L

Referee: Medié Jiménez D. (C. Catalan)

Spectators: No spectators at Abanca Balaídos

THE BEST The direct free kick by Iago Aspas to the crosshead
WORST The almost absolute absence of twisted game the 90 minutes