Celestino Vietti smashes the record in Moto3 free practice

The Italian Celestino Vietti (KTM) smashed the record of the “Marco Simoncelli” circuit of Misano Adriatico during the third free session of the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna and the Rimini Riviera by riding in 1: 41.155, almost four tenths of a second faster than the Japanese Ai Ogura (Honda) and with half a second on his compatriot Romano Fenati (Husqvarna).

A series of pilots, among whom were two of the great favorites, the Italian Tony Arbolino (Honda) and spanish Jaume Masiá (Honda), best time and a new category record on the first day with 1: 41.663, they were penalized with not competing in the last fifteen minutes of the third free practice as a consequence of riding too slow during some of their laps and creating danger for the rest of the participants .

This behavior, too common to date of almost all the riders, which Race Direction fails to eradicate, has been the one that has motivated this change of sanction and the decision that the final fifteen minutes instead of the initial ones are those that sanctioned pilots are lost.

The Spanish Raúl Fernández (KTM) was one of the first to drop his personal best time, which also fell within milliseconds of the record for Jaume Masiá shooting at 1: 41.692, which gave him second place in the third free end.

At the opposite pole, the negative, the Argentine Hispanic Gabriel Rodrigo
(Sling) he hit the ground twice, the first time at turn three and already in the last third of the session at turn fifteen when he was in fourteenth position to drop from there to twentieth place.

With all the pilots sanctioned in their workshops, the rest of the pilots continued the session and some were able to take advantage of that small advantage as in the case of the Italian Romano Fenati (Husqvarna), with many ups and downs throughout the season, which set a new record by shooting in 1: 41.661, although his record did not last too long as his compatriot Celestino Vietti (KTM) He literally smashed the best mark in the category by dropping in half a second to 1: 41.155.

Among the pilots penalized the Italian Tony Arbolino and the japanese Ryusei Yamanaka (Estrella Galicia 0’0 Honda) They did not enter their workshops when entering the last fifteen minutes – they did so with some time delay compared to the warning they were given – and this led to a new sanction, the loss of their last fast laps, which left the Italian out of the second direct classification by being twenty-second, just behind the Japanese.

The world leader, the Spanish Albert Arenas (KTM), who had a hard time getting a good time, achieved his goal in the final minutes by shooting in 1: 41.695, a time that gave him sixth position, behind Raul Fernandez and Jaume Masiá.

The British John McPhee (Honda), winner of last weekend in this same scenario, was another of the surprises of the morning when he fell out of the second direct classification.

The Spanish Jeremy Alcoba (Honda), the best rookie in the category, got the eighth position and therefore access to the second direct classification, as well as Sergio García (Estrella Galicia 0’0 Honda), twelfth. Did not enter Carlos Tatay (KTM), which finished twenty-fourth.