Ceferin: ‘Super League players will not play Euro or World Cups’

Aleksander Ceferin, president of the UEFA, maintained his threats regarding the Super League and once again made it clear at a press conference on Monday that “the players of the clubs that dispute it will not be able to participate with their national teams, neither in World Cups nor Euro Cups.” And he defined what in his opinion is the Super League: “A spit in the face.” What’s more: he stated that these clubs will be sanctioned “as soon as possible” and therefore expelled from European competitions.

Ceferin said that “UEFA wants to evolve football and invests in football but the Super League is only money.”

The UEFA president added that he wants to “maintain the protection of domestic competitions to qualify for European competitions, it has been that way historically.”

Ceferin also said: “I want to thank the Leagues, Federations and governments from all over Europe, who respect our fans and our football”: He was forceful about what he thinks of the Super League: “This idea is a spit in the face. We are not going to allow it to happen ”.