Ceferin: ‘Euro 2020 has enchanted and captivated from start to finish’

Ceferin, UEFA president, has stated that “since the record feats of Christian
Ronaldo from the group stage to the relentless drama provided by the knockout stage, “Euro 2020” has charmed and enthralled from start to finish“.

Hours before Italy and England fight at Wembley for the continental title, the Slovenian leader commented that “now it has come the moment of truth for the two teams that will play this highly anticipated match at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium. “

“After their successes in the semifinals, they have prepared for this great occasion knowing that they must make one last effort to emerge victorious and lift the coveted Henri Delaunay Trophy, bringing joy to his fans and causing celebrations throughout his country, “he said.

“The players who take to the field for the final of the tournament are on the brink of European glory and football immortality. The winners will write their names in a new chapter in the annals of European football history and will be considered heroes by millions of fans of all generations, “said the UEFA president in a message released by the continental body.

For Ceferin, the Eurocup has “kept everyone spellbound over the past four weeks, with many of Europe’s best players standing out on this privileged international stage. “

“We have countless moments to remember, and fans have been enthralled as the tournament unfolded. We have celebrated 60 years of the main European football competition in a proper way, and the EURO has demonstrated the importance of national team football as source of pride and unity of national football“said Ceferin, who noted that it has been a” fascinating month of the best that European team football has to offer. “

“Good luck to our two finalists. I join the fans around the world in the hope that they offer a party for all ages“, he concluded.