Ceballos: ‘The time has come to stay at Real Madrid or get traded’

Dani ceballos He returns to Real Madrid this summer after being on loan to Arsenal. The player spoke about his future on “El Pelotazo” on Canal Sur Radio.

Real Madrid

“It is true that I have a contract with Real Madrid for the next two years and I would not like to go on loan to any club again. With the experience of the last two years, I am a player who needs to feel important, I would like next year to start from the beginning and feel important, but settling down. So it is important going forward to know what you want to do. I think that the player gives his maximum level when he is completely happy and for that he has to be 100% focused on his club. Although I fight during the season for the objectives of the next, at Arsenal I have had the opportunity to do it for two years, I think my moment has come, to take the firm step of staying or leaving. I am 24 years old, I am a very young player, with a great future still ahead of me, and the truth is that my expectations are clear: to settle in a club, feel important and enjoy football ”.

Goodbye Zidane

“It is true that with Zizou I had fewer opportunities than I had thought, but now Madrid is without a coach, we do not know what will happen in two or three weeks, there is talk of many things and I think that right now it is time to disconnect a bit from football, prepare yourself well for what is coming and when Madrid have their next coach, let’s talk and see what we want, it will be time to decide the future ”.


“Four years ago I left Betis and in these last three days the heat of the people … is no longer the simple fact of ‘Dani, how are you?’, But ‘Dani, are you going back? We are waiting for you, don’t leave Seville. ‘ That affection makes me feel valued for what I was in the club. People know what I want Real Betis, what Real Betis has given me, what I was able to give them at the time. It is clear that sooner or later I will wear the Betis shirt again because it is the club I love, the one that has made me a footballer and I am sure that we will meet again. The next season? Not really, there is a long summer, Betis has a very good squad, I don’t know what Pellegrini and Cordón are planning for next year. It is still early and I have to focus on my next goal, which is to play the Olympics and from there decide my future ”.