Ceballos, sent off for a double yellow card

The tie is very uphill for him Arsenal after the expulsion of Dani ceballos for double yellow. The Gunners, who reacted with a good start in the second half to try to cut the 2-0, have been left with one man less from minute 56. The Andalusian midfielder has arrived late in a divided ball disputed by Parejo and has ended up stepping on the player of the Villarreal.

The Portuguese collegiate Artur Dias has not hesitated to show him the second yellow card despite angry protests from Ceballos, who has come to face the referee. Before, in the first half, the midfielder on loan from Madrid saw the first yellow for a takedown to Foyth to stop a very frank counterattack from Villarreal.

The expulsion of Ceballos has given air to a Villarreal who was in trouble in the second half, when he took a step back to protect the 2-0 lead on the scoreboard.