Ceballos: ‘My intention is to play next year at Real Madrid’

Ceballos he is one of the players who have returned to Real Madrid this summer. The Andalusian has spent two years on loan at Arsenal and is preparing for the Olympic Games with the national team. Ceballos has given an interview to As in which he talks about his future plans.

He has not spoken with Ancelotti

“Not. I have only spoken with José Ángel Sánchez to find out what day he had to go to the preseason. But I had to come here and I have not had any more contact with anyone from the club “

Play for Real Madrid

“It is clear, I would like to play for Real Madrid. But you have to know what the coach wants and you have to be objective. But my intention is to play next year at Real Madrid “

Sorry for signing for Real Madrid

“I have never regretted signing for Real Madrid, it is what any player would want because you know they look at the best footballers in the world. I’ve always wanted to do important things at this club and I’m going to fight for it “

Everything parked until the end of the Games

“Yes, I am very calm and I have been very clear: I have a two-year contract with Real Madrid. My intention is to continue. After the Games we will see if the club has contacted me and from there, I will decide “