Cavani, one step away from Boca Juniors

Edinson cavani (34) is very close to becoming a new player of Boca Juniors. Specifically, approximately three months away, since the agreement would be more than approved and it would only be necessary for this season to end for ‘El Matador’ Manchester United and get back to South American soccer.

As published by the Olé newspaper this Monday, the understanding between Mouth and the player is total. Cavani signed for him Manchester United at the beginning of this course, joining the ‘red devils’ for one season plus another optional one, and this second option will not be executed.

The Argentine newspaper also indicates that for Cavani the fact that their emoluments will be reduced considerably is not a problem. Specifically, it is said that the Buenos Aires team will offer them a three-year contract in exchange for the money they charge in the Manchester United for just one, between 4’5 and 5 million euros.

Cavani He left South American football in 2007, at the age of 20, when he was transferred from Danube Uruguayan to Palermo Italian. A posteriori he has dressed the shirts of the Naples, the Paris Saint-Germain and the aforementioned Manchester United. His experience at Boca Juniors will be the first of his career in Argentine soccer.