Cavani: ‘Emery is going to work very well in the final’

The Uruguayan Edinson
Cavani, forward of Manchester
United, assured that Unai Emery, with whom he coincided at PSG and who now directs the Villarreal, “he is going to prepare very well” for the final of the Europa League that both teams will play this Wednesday in Gdansk (Poland).

“Since Unai arrived in Paris, he has shown his passion for football. I really liked the way he works; he is a coach who will work hard and prepare very well for the Europa League final. Without a doubt, he will analyze it very well. “he explained in an interview to

The Uruguayan striker pointed out that “it is the small details that determine this type of match; you win in the small aspects, and for that you have to be very focused. You have to play a perfect match.” “I know that Unai is like that: he is a very hard-working coach. And that is why he has won titles and trophies where he has worked,” he said.

Cavani will try to bring his experience to the youngsters as a more veteran player. “Today, I’m the oldest player, the oldest in the team, and that motivates me a lot. It pushes me during training sessions, it pushes me when I’m about to go out to play a game and compete. So I try to enjoy myself and work. hard for my team without thinking all the time: ‘I have to set an example.’ I think one sets an example with their behavior, with their way of competing, giving the best of themselves for their team, always being there to train, trying to be the best player in training, “he argued.

“I have been playing football for many years, and with different styles: Italian football, French football, also when they call me to play with my national team. You acquire an experience that leads you to enjoy more when your career is more advanced, to see things than before. You couldn’t. To value things that you didn’t value before, “said the Uruguayan international.

A student of football who does not stop learning

Likewise, he declared himself “a soccer student” and pointed out that “competing is something that is in the blood” although “it is something that can be learned”, “and that throughout his career he has tried to” absorb things positive that can make me a better player, and a better partner, and I try to show it with the team “.

He was also delighted with the presence of fans from both teams in the final. “I have always said that football has to do with the people who do it and live it with that passion that infects you in a stadium. It is pure passion during the 90 minutes. The connection between the player and the fan,” he said.

“All these months without fans have been hard. It has been a loss of what is the essence of football, and I think that the fact that now the fans return to the stadiums little by little will help a lot, even more so in a team like him. Manchester United who have a passionate and ardent fans. I think it will be great for them. Hopefully everything returns to normal, “he added.