Castro: ‘We want to win everything’

José Castro, president of Sevilla, has made a comprehensive review of the season carried out by the team that trains Julen Lopetegui, that he has described as “extraordinary”, warning that the future Andalusian club wants to “win it all”.

Sevilla, after finishing fourth 5 days in advance, dreaming of fighting for the league title, establishing a historical record of points (77) and victories (24) in a league, he wants to take another leap.

“This year there have been times when we have been close to fighting the League, but I think that’s why We must have that process of several years in the Champions League, with a more consolidated team. I don’t know if we will achieve it or not sometime, but we have to go through that process of losing some, although trying to fight it, “said the Utreran, who promises continuity in the process of demand and growth: “We are not going to stop, we are tremendously ambitious, we want to win everything and for this we must go as far as we are able to go. For Sevilla we want the good, the best ”.

Castro was proud of Lopetegui’s work despite the fact that at the beginning “it did not have the approval of all”, he assures. “The results support him, his day to day, his continuous thinking about the entity, his continuous madness to improve … He’s a serious, hard-working guy, without kinks … We’ve been very lucky and that is why we have renewed him, because we believe that he will be a coach for many years and for the future of Sevilla. He is in the ideal club to continue succeeding ”.

The president of Sevilla also referred to the attempt to create the European Super League. “We already have the Super League, it is the League. It is powerful and growing more and more. It has given us the opportunity to be in Europe continuously and to win those cups, which do not exist anywhere in the world, only here. That has been given to us by our super League. We aspire to stay in the Champions League and that is the real Super League, the Spanish League. We believe in effort and perseverance, in meritocracy. All that did not go with the Super League for some. We believe that it would not be fair ”.

Finally, he revealed that Sevilla is about to renew Jesús Navas, who will not be in the European Championship. “Jesús Navas is a legend and an extraordinary player. Luis Enrique has not called him now, but nothing happens, he is a great player and professional and knowing him the same way he can go again, now the World Cup is coming and he is a kid. We are awaiting the renewal, I hope that everything goes well and that he continues with us as many years as he is able to wear the Sevilla shirt and defend it with enthusiasm, with vigor and with that quality that our Jesús Navas treasures ”.