Castro denies that Sevilla was invited to the Super League

The president of the Seville, José Castro, has denied that Sevilla was invited by the founders of the European Super League to be part of it in the press conference that LaLiga president Javier Tebas has offered to reinforce the position of Spanish clubs alongside UEFA and traditional competitions. The head of the Andalusian club has lent support, as have the presidents of other clubs such as the Villarreal or Betis, to Thebes in all this matter that has wanted to divide European football.

In question time, Castro has had to respond to the rumor that was circulating that Sevilla had been invited by the clubs involved as a Spanish third team in the event that Atlético de Madrid had refused to enter, something that the Utreran businessman has denied. “Sevilla has not been invited and Sevilla does not believe that this project that goes against what they have won in these years as an entity,” he explained.

“Football belongs to all fans, we love it, and it reaches all corners of the planet and all teams have the opportunity to improve. And so it should continue ”, Castro commented in this joint telematic appearance of several presidents with Thebes.

“We cannot destroy the rivalries or the passion of the fans for their colors. Sevilla show off their Sevillanía and we are proud to carry the name of their city throughout Europe, something that we have been constantly doing in the 21st century. Our good work for the city, we are ambassadors of Seville in Europe and we want to continue being so ”, he continued.

“Our motto, never give up, does not fit with a closed competition in which they have to invite us. Today’s powerful Sevilla has earned its prestige in the field thanks to its good sporting and economic management. And we understand that it should continue like this ”, he concluded.