Casting to humanize the City

One after another, City has seen all its rivals parade as if it were a casting to humanize the great candidate to win the Premier. So far, however, no one has passed that test. West Ham played their role in the Etihad with personality but it was not enough to win a victory that Wolves is also pursuing tonight, which despite not having had a good season has always put the team in a tight spot. Guardiola.

Without going any further, last year they beat City at home and at home: “It is not going to be an easy or beautiful match. We have to play with intensity, stay calm and use our heads more than ever because Wolves tend to squeeze you if you get impatient, ”Santpedor’s player reflected yesterday in the preview. They are not free words if you look at the history between the two, with nights that came to elevate footballers like Adama Traoré, one of the mainstays of Nuno.

Now everything seems to depend on the City. No matter how well the rival seems to arrive, everything is subject to the quality of the best team in England. Although a Guardiola do not like that consideration: “Liverpool holds the crown and deserves that label, like Bayern in Europe,” he stressed. He does not like having that burden, although everything comes as a consequence of seeing that things cannot go better for his team: twenty wins in a row and without having any fissure.

What Pep, Nuno coincides in the recipe that has taken the City to the roof of the Premier: “Talent, work, quality and dedication. But above all the great brilliance of their players, “said the Portuguese, who announced that Boly, Marçal Y Power they won’t be there in time to get on tonight’s list. Bad news for the coach, especially due to the absence of the winger, the best footballer this season in which the team misses Raul Jimenez.

With three months to go, City faces the final sprint in a fabulous setting. It takes twelve points to United, eighteen to Chelsea, nineteen to Liverpool, twenty-three to Tottenham and twenty-five to Arsenal. Figures that serve to measure the good work that has been done in Manchester. Though Guardiola, with twelve rounds to go, refuses to claim victory ahead of time. The Wolves, with nothing to lose, goes to the casting to take the leading role.