Casillas talks about his relationship with Mourinho

Iker Casillas spoke during an act of the Foundation TELMEX Telcel in Mexico of his departure from Real Madrid and its relationship with Jose Mourinho, among other things.

Regarding his departure from the white club, he commented that “we were both wrong, but we have learned, I don’t like those images and I think it was not good for both of us. I am sure that one day we will correct that little slip and do good things to make people feel happy ”.

Asked about the difference between his presence with Del Bosque and with Mourinho, he explained that “the two situations were different. One was justified on a sporting level and the other was more on a personal level … We were two people who got on well for a year and a half and the next we had discrepancies, but they were normal between the team captain and the coach. It does not mean that you are more than the coach, but in the end you are going to crash because you have to talk to him practically every day and the relationship is wearing thin. José Mourinho thought that I was not at the level of another partner or, added to that, that our relationship was no longer so good and it was much easier for him to choose between one or the other. There are many things that people don’t see, but I have a good relationship with him. We have seen each other several times since and we have had pleasant words. It is not a question of continuing with the rancor, each one looked to the best for the team. I decided not to have so much relationship with him because I did not like the things he saw and he chose another partner. This last situation came to me much more mature, with 33 years. You look around the club, you try not to create more controversy than there was already and, well, I would do the same thing I did back in the day and I think I was not wrong ”.