Casillas hesitates to Bartra with Bale’s goal

Boxes took advantage of a photo that put Bartra on Instagram to hesitate to the central Betis and former Barcelona. The photo in question is ade Bartra recovering from your injury on an oxygen machine. “In the oxygen room looking for the impostor … We continue with the recovery by complementing the physical and physio work with the hyperbaric chamber, breathing 100% pure oxygen with pressure above atmospheric. We will come back stronger! ”Bartra wrote.

Boxes took advantage of the image to jokingly remind him of the Cup final that Real Madrid beat Barcelona in 2014 with a goal from Bale who beat Bartra in a gallop. “It is a time machine. I would go to April 16, 2014. And I would push Gareth Bale to make him need it! ”, Wrote Casillas.