Casemiro: ‘Whether we are tired or not, we have to give everything’

Casemiro He spoke on TNT Sports Brasil after the game against Chelsea and made it clear that these moments of the season, excuses such as physical condition are not valid and that the tie is open.


“It was a typical Champions League semi-final match, a close, difficult match. Both teams wanted to be in control and propose our game. The tie is undecided. We have to go around to solve it “

Physical state

“We are at a time of the season when excuses or physicality are not worth it. We have to give everything, we know we have a month left to finish the season and we have two competitions. Whether we are tired or not, we have to give it our all and this shirt teaches us to give it our all until the end. We will fight to the end “

Play the final

“We are close, but we must always respect the adversary. Chelsea have a great team, they defend very well and this is a Champions League semi-final. The second leg will be just as difficult as tonight. Everything is open for both teams “


“Militao does not surprise me how he is playing, he is at a great level. He knew he had Ramos and Varane ahead, two great defenders who won everything, but he is showing that he is ready. We know that the other players are very important, especially Sergio Ramos who is our captain, but Militao prepared himself for when these opportunities came and I have to congratulate him. He is making great matches “