Casemiro, the orchestra player

In the lockers of a first-rate locker room such as the Real Madrid several star constellations are concentrated. There are those who score the most goals, those who make the most saves, or those who make the best passes, but perhaps the one who costs the most millions is the one who knows how to do everything and, in the case of whites, that is Casemiro.

The Brazilian demonstrated this Monday against the Real What is the orchestra player of the Real Madrid. It can be the anchor in the middle center, the libero in a defense of three (questionable experiment of Zidane) and the keeper on guard when he is not Benzema. All the balls in the comeback attempt were looking for him. Some even hunted, but Casemiro Is not perfect.

Even so, for everything the one from Sao Paulo is welcome, who, in recent days, even more so with his goals against Valladolid or Alaves, has expanded its share of importance in the team reaching the point of being the reference footballer in the absence of the bosses.

Low very sensitive in Champions

For this reason, every time the ordinary Madridista notices that the Brazilian will not be able to be in the round of 16 against Atalanta due to suspension, he starts to tremble. In a match, presumably, as electric as the one the Italians will propose, a tool like that of Casemiro capable of nipping any kickback is essential.

It is possible that, from now on, Zidane is trying to combat that absence with another player, less complete cut, that fills the void that will leave Casemiro in the white locker room.