CAS resolution favorable to Cádiz in the ‘Mbaye case’

Cádiz has announced this Thursday the resolution in its favor of the appeal presented before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS-CAS) for the conviction of the Cádiz club for not being able to sign for two windows due to the ‘Mbaye case’.

The events go back to a complaint by English Watford about the player’s contract, which came “free” to the Cádiz B subsidiary, as defended by the Cádiz club, which appealed this resolution.

The FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber also sentenced Cádiz to pay financial compensation in February 2020 and the Senegalese player Mamadou Mbaye to a four-month suspension.

The matter, according to Cádiz, began in October 2019, when the footballer was “accused” of having terminated “without just cause” his contract with Watford, which demanded that Mbaye pay compensation of 1,186,400 pounds. sterling.

After the substantiation of the file, FIFA considered in a “very partial” way the Watford complaint, establishing an amount of compensation to be paid by the player of 26,834 pounds sterling (30,751.89 euros) and sanctioning him with a four-month suspension.

According to Cádiz, the FIFA computer system “gave validity to the player’s file with Cádiz B, which confirms that it was acted in accordance with the law, as stated in the resolution of the RFEF Competition Committee, after the complaint” presented by Real Murcia after a match between the two of Second B.

The CAS, in its award, which is firm for all purposes, accepts the Cadista appeal and dismisses the one filed by Watford.

The CAS annuls FIFA’s resolution and confirms that “at no time” was the player’s contract with the English club, so Mbaye “was free” at the time of signing with Cádiz, the latter club said in a statement.

Consequently, Cádiz continues, the hiring of the player by the Cadiz team was carried out “in compliance with sports regulations.”

In addition, Watford and FIFA are ordered to pay both the costs of the procedure and to make a contribution for the legal expenses borne by Cádiz and the player himself.