Carreño and Alcaraz, final of today Sunday in the JC Ferrero-Equelite

The Spanish Pablo Carreño and Carlos Alcaraz They will play the final on Sunday of the 25th Anniversary Tournament of the Juan Carlos Ferrero-Equelite Academy, which takes place in the Alicante town of Villena, after winning this Saturday Mario Vilella and the Australian Alex de Miñaur, respectively.

If predictable was the presence in the grand final of Carreño, 25 in the world, the surprise status of the young tennis player from Murcia, just 17 years old, can be described as a complete surprise.

And it is that to access the final, Alcaraz, pupil of Juan Carlos FerreroHe had to overcome nothing more and nothing less than the Australian De Miñaur, number 26 in the world ranking and holder of three ATP tournaments in his record.

But nothing seems impossible for the very young Alcaraz, who secured first place in the “Grupo David Ferrer”, which completed the Portuguese Joao Sousa, after defeating this ocean 6-3, 2-6 and 6-4 the oceanic.´

Triumph that rewarded the good game and, above all, the maturity of the Murcian player, who resisted as if he were a veteran the tremendous pressure that De Miñaur subjected him in the third set.

A coldness that Carlos Alcaraz, number 318 in the world, already showed in his start in the tournament, after winning last Thursday 0-6, 7-6 and 6-3 to the Portuguese Joao Sousa, in a match in which the Murcian he overcame the blank set that fit the first set.

The game started much better this Saturday for the young Murcian player, who after breaking the Australian’s service in the second game, quickly placed himself with a 3-0 advantage, which Alcaraz knew how to keep (6-3) until the conclusion of the sleeve.

Result that seemed to embolden even more the young pupil of Juan Carlos Ferrero, who had in the first game of the second set a ball to break De Miñaur’s service again, that the Australian saved with a miraculous blow.

But when everything seemed more favorable for the Spanish, the blackout of Carlos Alcaraz came, which in the blink of an eye went from 2-2 to give up the second set 2-6, after giving up four consecutive games.

A harsh correction that did not intimidate Alcaraz, who started the third and final set with a new break in service, which would ultimately be final.

And that Alex de Miñaur, of Uruguayan father and Spanish mother, did not stop putting pressure on the young Murcia tennis player, who with his powerful right hands managed to save the various balls of “break” that the oceanic player ordered.

A maturity that allowed Carlos Alcaraz to complete the feat and seal his pass to the grand final, in which the Murcian will meet tomorrow with the also Spanish Pablo Carreño.

The gijonés, number 25 in the world, certified his pass to the decisive match, after finishing undefeated his career in the “Grupo Juan Carlos Ferrero”, after winning this Saturday by 6-4 and 6-4 against the illicit Mario Vilella.