Carrasco, to turn the Camp Nou upside down again

Atlético de Madrid
a good part of your options to be champion of The league, in the match that will be played next Saturday against the FC Barcelona, in the Camp Nou. A key match in the final four remaining in the championship fight.

And he has done it with some of his footballers in his best moment of the season. One of them is obviously Yannick
Carrasco. The Belgian is today one of the offensive props of the Athletic. In the Martinez
Valero it came off, it was one of the best, again. Overflow, delivery, individual quality. His was the assistance for frames
Llorente that served for the goal that gave the rojiblanco team three points.

But it is not something new for him actually because since he completed his penalty game but especially since Simeone place him higher, his performance is being brutal in every way. The closer it is to the rival goal, the more decisive it is. He has participated in seven of the last ten goals of the colchoneros, but it is that he has also added three goals (Betis, Eibar Y Huesca) and four assists (two against Eibar, one against Athletic and another in front of Elche), in the last five games.

And all for a total of six goals and seven passes in his current season. In the first round, his goal against him Barça was already a winner. The Belgian was smarter than Ter Stegen On a long ball and a crazy exit from the German, he brushed it off with a subtle touch and scored with a shot from more than 25 meters.


His participation was already key in the game against him Barça in the past course. He turned the Camp
Nou. A start of his in the first quarter of an hour from the dividing line of the center of the field, surpassing by speed to Gerard Piqué, ended with his demolition in the area by the Chilean Arthur
Vidal and the first penalty favorable to the rojiblanco team.

Before he had put a sung goal pass in a free kick that not even the Uruguayan Jose Ma
Gimenez neither Diego
Coast they finished off by centimeters. And the rojiblanco’s second goal also came from a penalty provoked by him, in a very slight touch from the Portuguese Nelson
Semedo. The Belgian wants to repeat performance, if he can, improve it.

For him, that great game was a turning point for him. From then on he sneaked into the eleven on a regular basis, until he gained a position as a full-time holder.

“He told me that he was happy to have played a good game, nothing more. Yannick he will never brag, he is super humble and still very good. But I knew he was happy and proud, “she explained to add that she understands that” it was a response to his detractors, those who doubted him. “He does not consider it as revenge, but it was important for him to show that he was capable of doing it,” recalled the player’s mother at the time, in ‘RTBF‘.

Then, Carmen
Carrasco, the player’s mother explained that Simeone’s confidence was key for him, to see his best version. Something that has been 100% fulfilled.