Carragher criticizes the mentality of Liverpool players

Liverpool’s sixth consecutive loss at home has sparked criticism of Jürgen Klopp’s team. Jamie Carragher, ‘red’ legend, commented that the main problem for the players lies in their mentality.

“Very often at these stages last season, Liverpool scored late goals, even the year before when they were chasing Manchester City,” the former defender told Sky Sports.

“That man [Klopp] He correctly called his side the mindset monsters and they deserved that label, but right now they have a dwarf mindset. Every time there is a little bit of adversity, you fall behind in a game, your team just isn’t dealing well with adversity at any stage of the last three or four months, ”Carragher added.

The English see this situation unacceptable. “It’s not acceptable from Liverpool, that kind of performance, and I’ll tell you what, I played for some really poor Liverpool teams.”

“These losses, at home, against the level of the opponents, you need to find something from somewhere. It seems that the first four positions are very far away ”, finished the former player.