Carolina Marín and Ona Carbonell, protagonists in the new Aitana Ocaña video clip

Singer Aitana Ocana visualizes the insecurity women suffer when they go alone down the street with his new single “Not one more.” Almost fifty female faces known as athletes participate in the video clip of the song. Carolina Marín and Ona Carbonell, the singers Rozalén and Zahara, or the actresses María Pedraza and Danna Paola, which symbolize, in the artist’s words, “the union in the gender struggle”.

The Catalan artist has claimed, on many occasions, the importance of giving visibility to everyday situations that many women face every day. “There is data from the Ministry of Equality that shows that there are a thousand complaints a month in Spain of abuses and attacks against women. But there are many others, I believe three or more that are not reported. It’s a complete outrage ”, he adds in an interview for Efe.

Therefore, with ‘Not one more‘, Aitana I wanted to give evidence of some actions that have been normalized and that “it shouldn’t be like this” when a woman returns home alone, such as taking out the keys to defend herself or showing that you are close to home, calling an acquaintance by phone, sending the location in real time or constantly look back to see if someone is following you.

“I always feel insecure at night, if I can I prefer to be accompanied by someone. It does not occur to me to go through certain streets or through certain places like a parking lot. They are things that make me tense and make me feel uncomfortable, when it shouldn’t be like that ”, she defends.

The interpreter is aware of the social debate generated by the feminist movement, so she did not want to hide and “felt the need to denounce and make visible what is happening”: “I wanted to explain feminism through my eyes, through what I live and I feel, and I see around me ”, she declares bluntly.

“My job is to make songs, it would be incoherent and incompatible if I didn’t have a song of mine about something that is causing me anger, pain, or sadness and that is why I wanted to do a song like this. Somehow I have a loudspeaker that I want to use for something other than singing about love and heartbreak, but also being coherent about what is happening around us, “he says. Aitana.