Carmen Lomana charges against Rocío Carrasco’s documentary: ‘Shameful’

Telecinco’s docuseries about Rocío Carrasco is leaving impressions and comments of all kinds. While most praise the bravery of the daughter of Rocío Jurado To explain her terrible experiences, some voices have also emerged that criticize the words of the celebrity to narrate the alleged mistreatment she received at the hands of her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores. One of them is Carmen Lomana.

Thus, in its section On the weekend of the Chain Cop
and, has lashed out at Carrasco and Telecinco with very harsh words. “It’s tremendous, it seems gruesome to me, bordering on the pornographic and the shameful. The amount of whining, of runny nose, of the show that was mounted under payment, according to say from 1 to 2 million, after 20 years, it seems a shame to me, “he said. Lomana on the radio.

However, this Sunday, Carlota Corredera She denied all the information regarding that millionaire salary and clarified that she did not ask for compensation, she only wanted to tell her truth, although it was a producer who established a payment for her.

The socialite criticized the “parallel trial” that is being made against Antonio David Flores. “What cannot be done is a parallel trial on a set, that this seems like the popular inquisition. These things should be arranged in families, in courts, or where appropriate, but not on television ”.

“What is clear is that Rocío has not seen her children for seven years, we have all seen her daughter saying that she wants to talk to her! This is the never ending story. He has another son, and he has not worried in this time, saying that ‘that one is happy’, as if children who have a deficiency neither feel nor suffer, ”he continued.