Carlota Corredera presents White Ants and viewers do not understand anything

Bewilderment and commotion around the special about Julio Iglesias in ‘White Hormigas’ and not for the life of the singer or for his worrying health. It started in program and Carlota Corredera was in front! The Galician journalist did not appear on Telecinco since last Monday, when the chain activated a protocol for a possible case of coronavirus in ‘Save me’. Spectators expected Nuria Marín to direct the special this Sunday night.

Surprise for everyone when Corredera appeared at 10:00 pm greeting the audience and presenting the documentary about the artist.

Carlota Corredera presents the program on the life of Julio Iglesias.

‘Twitter’ was filled with comments about it, both from outraged people who did not explain what was running there, and from those who wondered if the program was not done live.

The truth is that ‘White ants’ is usually recorded on Thursdays, three days before its broadcast on Sunday’s ‘prime time’, something incompatible with a possible confinement of Carlota Corredera.

Telecinco’s decision

This week, Mediaset decided to fire Marta López for “her irresponsible attitude” when attending a mass party without respecting security measures and communicated that “the usual security protocols are being carried out” regarding the possible positive.

The most media collaborators of the afternoons in Telecinco (Laura Fa, Gema López, Lydia Lozano, Antonio David, Jesús Manuel and Antonio Montero) were quarantined, as was, supposedly, Carlota Corredera. The presenter should be in quarantine for 14 days as the protocol dictates after undergoing a PCR test, regardless of the result.