Carlota Corredera on Miguel Bosé: ‘Nobody has treated me worse in life’

The controversial statements of Miguel Bosé positioning themselves against the vaccine to combat the coronavirus and the use of the masks have put him in the eye of the hurricane. That is why the presenter of ‘Save me’ Carlota Corredera has decided to explain her experience with the singer, whom she interviewed on one occasion.

“I am never clear if the person can be separated from the artist,” he started. “I admire as a singer Miguel BoséIt seems to me a machine that has proven it. But in short distances, I have met him and I can say that nobody has treated me worse in life, “he insisted.

Slide He confessed that “my hands sweat a lot and I always have a hard time giving it because it gives me a stick.” The disgusted face did not hide it. From then on everything got worse ”, he continued.

“I started interviewing him and with each question his face got worse. He treated me like it was the last sh * t. He gave me the worst interview I’ve ever had, ”he added. “24 years old, still with a lot of Galician accent, and with great honor, but imagine the insecurities that that created me …”.

Carlota Sliding has returned to his job at ‘Telecinco’, which he did not attend since Monday, when the network activated a protocol for a possible case of coronavirus in ‘Save me‘And that has resulted in the expulsion of Marta Lopez.