Carlos Sobera gets wet about his conflict with Rocío Flores in ‘Survivors’: ‘Nerves betray’

Carlos Sobera He is in charge of the program every Tuesday ‘No man’s land‘ from ‘Survivors 2021‘. He is accompanied at each gala by collaborators and defenders of the contestants of the current edition. Dew Flowers is part of the Tuesday gathering group and, in fact, the daughter of Antonio David Flores just go to this space of the ‘reality’.

Although Sobera is a presenter who manages to create good vibes on set, the truth is that these last weeks his relationship with Rocío Flores has become more tense since she lost her papers in a confrontation who starred live with him Master Joao. In addition, this Wednesday -exceptionally the gala moved one day-, the presenter and the collaborator again experienced a moment of tension when the young woman

commented on a matter about the organization and the food

that they provide to the contestants. So that there were no misunderstandings, Sobera cut Flores dry and assured that the organization does not give any privilege.

Rocío Flores in ‘No man’s land’.

Carlos Sobera on Rocío Flores: “She is very young, she has little experience”

Well, on this matter the presenter has been asked this Friday at an event. The driver of ‘First Dates‘He has referred precisely to the confrontation he had with the daughter of Rocio Carrasco about three weeks ago. “There was a small pique but it was solved immediately and then the following week, which was the previous one, and yesterday there was no problem”, He assured in statements to Europa Press.

But sometimes the nerves betray and things are said about which later … He is very young, has little experience. But I think we have solved it calmly, which is how things have to be done. And that’s it, ”Sobera clarified.

Carlos Sobera thinks about a possible rapprochement between Rocío Flores and Rocío Carrasco

Likewise, the presenter has also been asked about a possible television reunion between Rocío Flores and Rocío Carrasco. “That would be a ‘bombshell’ in every way. But above all, in one who is the important, which is the emotional. For them it would be a very important moment in their lives, unrepeatable, extraordinary and probably very positive.”, He commented.

But I also tell you that it is their business. But I would offer to go to “See you again” and also with the best of intentions. But they are topics so delicate, so special and so controversial that you have to respect your emotions”, Said the presenter.