Carlos Sainz: ‘Let’s not get motivated, the McLaren is not the third best car’

A few days have passed after living the race of his life and touching what could be his first triumph in F1, and now, Carlos Sainz is already absolutely focused on achieving another good result in the Tuscany GP F1 2020, in Mugello, unknown territory for the Formula 1 in which the Spaniard pointed out to MD that he will only be able to overtake at turn 1. “The rest of the circuit we are going to suffer with dirty air. You’ll see how hard it will be for us to follow the car in front ”, said the Madrid native, prepared for the ninth round of the course, although putting his feet on the ground and making it very clear that under normal conditions, we will not see this weekend again. to its Mclaren as the second best car after the Mercedes of Hamilton. “The McLaren is the third best car for us, let’s not get motivated”, pointed out in a meeting by Zoom with the Spanish press, remarking that although in Monza if it were in the rhythm exhibited in the race, in the rest of the year it will be difficult to repeat another podium and a great performance like the one a few days ago. He will try his best, but remember how tight everything is between Red Bull, Racing Point, Renault and Mclaren, behind some Mercedes that are in another world.

The Spanish did not want to reveal what his Mclaren on a path that he compared a bit with Suzuka or Silverstone, but he preferred to wait to know his rhythm in practice this Friday to start setting a clear goal for this weekend. In addition, he referred to the “task” that is for his friend ‘Czech
Perez having run out of seat in Racing point for 2021
, something that he considers that shows how much politics influences this sport.


“Good news, good statistics. Especially for the team they are good vibes and good numbers. Looking ahead to this season we know that under normal circumstances, being the second fastest car as we saw at Monza is very difficult, especially with a Red Bull, a Racing Point and obviously the Mercedes ahead. But we will try. We want to try to see if we can scratch another podium this season, but being realistic, I think we all know that current F1 is much more like that of Spa, Barcelona and such than Monza ”.


“I’ve never been to Mugello, neither has F1. Curves and asphalt and how they can affect cars is an uncertainty for everyone. It looks a lot like a Suzuka, a Silverstone, but it is a very particular circuit, very different from the ones we normally ride, therefore, I can’t say. I will be able to say it on Friday ”.


“You can only overtake in a corner, which is turn 1. The rest of the circuit we are going to go there suffering in the dirty air (the air that the cars in front give off), you will see how it will cost us to follow the car ahead. At Turn 1, if you come out of the last corner well, you can have a good slipstream, open the DRS, use up all your battery … there is still some minimal option ”.

Norris Sainz, in the paddock of the 2020 F1 Tuscany GP


“Surely a bit of motivation and winning does. A good result always gives you that feeling and that feeling. Perhaps the most important thing is to know that in recent weekends the feelings with the car have improved and that has been able to give me the three qualys, both in Spain, Spa and in Monza, very good. Also in all the races in which I have not had any problems, such as Spain and Monza, they also give me confidence to know that we are going in the right direction and that it has been a very good year. Therefore, I arrive here with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, with my feet on the ground because going second in the race behind Hamilton as we were in Monza in a normal race is very difficult for it to happen again, but with the illusion that it will happen again. pass, you have to be as prepared as possible to take advantage of it again ”.


“What about Checo a little bit what it shows is that in F1 not everything is your performance. I think if you are judged on performance alone, there is no reason why Checo has to leave Racing Point or that Racing Point does not want Checo. Therefore, in F1, apart from your performance there are interests. There are things that come with performance that are very important and for me Checo is a chore. Finally the team that he has trusted for so many years, the team that he practically saved from bankruptcy and that finally that team produces a good car for him, and that right now the team does not want to continue with him, because it is a real task. It makes me a little angry, because you already know the good relationship I have with him and how much I respect him as a pilot. It reminds you that this sport is like that, that sometimes it gives you very little return, but that it is the sport in which we have chosen to compete and be professionals and you have to accept it. It is a chore and I hope Checo will soon find a seat that motivates him, that he likes, and that in 2022 that seat is a good seat ”.


“I am sure that I have also had moments of uncertainty, very political moments that had nothing to do with performance on the track and you see the area of ​​sport that is less sport, that becomes more political and in which sport counts the least. And everything becomes politics and things beyond the control of the athlete and athletes. So, yeah, I’ve been in that situation and nobody likes it. ”


“You have already seen how well we went at Monza, we already know that it is not something that we will be able to repeat every weekend. We are going to depend a lot on the circuits and on Red Bull, Mercedes, Racing Point and Renault, because the area is very tight, but it is something that gives us motivation and desire to try again. It would be very good, really ”.

Carlos Sainz, doing a lap of the Mugello circuit
Carlos Sainz, doing a lap of the Mugello circuit


“I think this weekend is going to be difficult for the teams on a new circuit, but they are F1 teams. We have a number of tools, simulation, of knowing how to predict what the car is going to do between now and 12 o’clock, that honestly, with two free practice sessions ahead, the new circuits except in Imola, which for me will be the true test of a new circuit without tests, because I think it will not be a problem. They are circuits in which McLaren will adapt better to some than others, but we will know how to get the most out of the car and the only thing left is to see which car is better adapted to which circuit. Whether the McLaren will do well in Istanbul or will it do well in Imola. That we do not know. But with the amount of simulations there are, I don’t think it will be any problem for me and for an F1 team. ”


“There is always time to bring improvements, the only thing that happens more races until they arrive because the races are more followed. You get the feeling that improvements take longer to arrive, but they keep coming in the same amount of time. They are arriving at the rate that they always arrive, every ‘x’ months. But anyway, in teams like McLaren, we are bringing improvements to all circuits, the only thing that some improvements are very big and very visible, like an aerodynamic package, and others are very minimal and invisible to the human eye and even to me. feeling as a pilot ”.


“I think you are getting a bit motivated, because we are not the third best team or we were only the third best team at Monza. And it was with a car that was exactly the same as in Spa and that was exactly the same as in the previous race, where we were the 4th or 5th best team. So let’s not get motivated. What the McLaren is a good car at Monza? Yes. Let’s see if the McLaren is a good car in Mugello and in the circuits that are to come, that I am the first to celebrate and would like the car to be like in Monza ”.


“Without a doubt, the ‘qualy’ mode, it is clear that we all do not extract the last tenth or two tenths of the engine due to the prohibition, but before we also used it as a way to try to overtake in extreme cases that you saw that you were really stuck. behind one, or in the last laps of the race, and unfortunately I didn’t have it available on that last lap, which surely would have helped me overtake (Gasly) or be closer to overtaking. I agree that it almost influenced overtaking in the race more than in qualifying mode ”.