Carlos Herrera returns to the charge for Belén Esteban after his fight with Jorge Javier

Carlos Herrera He astonished his listeners when, last June 2020, he confessed on his program of the Chain
COPE what would you like to be able to sign Belén Esteban as a collaborator. The announcer then supported the gathering of ‘Save me‘After it attacked the Government of Pedro Sanchez during that ‘Saturday Deluxe‘Which ended in a monumental row with Jorge Javier Vazquez.

When the strong discussion between the presenter and the gathering made all the headlines, Herrera He took the opportunity to show that he wanted Bethlehem as a collaborator in his program, although he said that he respected the contract that it would have with Mediaset. The ex-wife of Jesulín de Ubrique did not give a clear answer to the offer, but did want to make it clear that It does not have an exclusive contract with the chain, but with the “Save me” production company, La Fábrica de la Tele.

That proposal was first in the air and then forgotten, especially when Belén and Jorge Javier they spoke after the conflict and ended up making peace in ‘The Last Supper’ of Telecinco. However, the announcer has now returned to the charge after knowing the last showdown that the collaborator and that of Badalona have had.

It happened last week, and since then, the contributor has not returned to the show. It all started when Paracuellos got angry after learning that the Mediaset driver was showing the rest of his collaborators photographs of him in which it appears “horrible.” The reaction of the gathering was to affirm that she I also had photos unflattering of the presenter. That was enough for Jorge Javier lit up like never before and abroncara the collaborator.

Monumental anger from Jorge Javier Vázquez to Belén Esteban in ‘Sálvame’.

I just realized the level of person you are”, Jorge Javier snapped. “I would never have said that to you. Because I am asking for your forgiveness and you are not able to accept the apology. And above you say you have photographs? Look, aunt, now it really happens (…). You have shown me how you are”Added the presenter, devastating with his partner.

Monumental anger from Jorge Javier Vázquez to Belén Esteban in 'Sálvame'.
Monumental anger from Jorge Javier Vázquez to Belén Esteban in ‘Sálvame’.

Carlos Herrera: “Belén, here is your house”

Well, Herrera, upon learning that Belén Esteban has now been on television for a week, has taken the opportunity to return to show your interest in television. “Be careful, Herrera, that Belén Esteban is looking for work, looking for work … I’ll leave it there!” The presenter did not think twice: “Bethlehem, here is your house”.