Carlos, from ‘The Island of Temptations’, arrested for sexual abuse at an illegal party

The island of temptations‘It is news even when there is no program. To all the controversies that we are witnessing in ‘Villa Playa’ and ‘Villa Montaña’ we must add the scandals that some of its participants are already starring in Spain.

It is the case of Carlos Algora, the tempter who has managed to seduce Lola and who, According to ‘El Confidencial’ published this Wednesday, he was arrested for sexually abusing a young French woman in a group on February 13 during an illegal party in Colmenarejo..

The information signed by the journalist Nacho Abad explains that his arrest It has occurred during a trip to the Canary Islands in which he was accompanied by other tempters.

In parallel to his arrest, in Seville the Civil Guard has arrested the two friends with whom he allegedly abused the young woman.

The events date back to February 15, when A young French woman, an exchange student, reported to the Benemérita that she was drugged at an illegal party held two days earlier in a chalet in Colmenarejo and had sex with several men.

According to the investigation, at the party, three men, including Carlos, went upstairs to a room accompanied by two girls, one of whom acknowledged that she voluntarily agreed to have sex with all three at the same time.

However, The young French woman assures that she never consented and that the three Sevillian men sexually abused her, taking advantage of her condition.

We remember that Accusations of identity theft were already weighing on Carlos Algora

“Several affected and one affected have contacted me. CarlosWhen he returns from the program, he is going to run into many problems. I know that he has many complaints. One of them for the impersonation of an adult film actor named Christian Diamond”Miguel Frigenti explained last Saturday in the‘ Deluxe ’.

Carlos, from The Island of Temptations

On how he carried out the deception he explained that “He contacted several girls and since they did not want to meet him, he pretended to be the adult film actor. One of them discovers that it is not him and denounces him for identity theft”.

Finally, he related that what he was trying Carlos “Posing as this actor is get photos and videos of all kinds. I know that it is not the only person who has impersonated that we will find out when the program ends. There are many people angry with him and he is going to find himself in a lot of problems ”.